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Another anime blog tourney

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Posted 06 October 2013 - 02:40 AM

A while back several anime bloggers made a competition of sorts for anime blogs. Bloggers and readers would get to vote on which blog they liked best. Host(s) of the tourney decided not to do it again from drama and lack of appreciation.

So now by a blog that I have never seen before comes up with a new tourney. There are two lists with one for those that were not included and those what were. The list that gave why certain blogs weren't included has brief reasons for each.

Sadly or thankfully we're not in either lists. The blogger did put some effort in collecting blogs and making graphs, but I can't help feeling it's a link bait stunt to grab attention.

You cannot escape if your blog is added or ask to be in.

Past Aniblog Tourney participant Dark_Sage is the tourney host. He is someone that pointed out my lack of proof reading. Crymore is his newer blog because his previous one had issues with what the site domain was use for.