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Uhh... Yo?

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#1 Noir

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Posted 23 May 2011 - 07:02 PM

Well, let's see... I don't like to talk much about myself nor do I like to post long thread as I see there's really not much reason to it. I kind of sound depressed and really bothered right now, so I'm sorry if you guys think I'm rude by the way I'm speaking (writing) right now. I just don't really have the feel right now as I seem to have over thought a lot of things, and make me feel like an outcast again.

I really do hope you guys would just give this poor guy some welcome.


But enough with the chessy drama, I was wondering if you guys could introduce me to any kind of anime. I almost watch any anime from action to drama to comedy to weird-relationship romance. I already have a list of what to watch (and it's long, so you get the point: I'll watch what you guys recommend). So yeah, what anime do you guys highly recommend for me to watch? There's a high chance I've already watched it, but just keep your favorites listed. xD

#2 Jura


    100% Cacao

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Posted 08 June 2011 - 01:25 PM

Kino's Journey
Oh! Edo Rocket
GeGeGe no Kitaro
Clockwork Fighters

Sorry for the late reply, but welcome to the forums.

#3 Raven

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Posted 12 June 2011 - 03:44 PM

Man, we gotta figure out a freakin' way to keep the new members invested. xD

Hello bro, if you come back, welcome to Anime Gerad. :)

As for my favorites, these have action/drama/comedy in them:

1) Hare + Guu (funny as hell)
2) Cowboy Bebop
3) Samurai Champloo
4) Ghost in the Shell/SAC/2nd Gig
5) Akira
6) Blue Gender (sad, really sad series but solid imo)
7) Azumanga Daioh
8) Witch Hunter Robin
9) Read or Die
10) Yu Yu Hakusho
11) Hunter x Hunter
12) Rurouni Kenshin
13) Outlaw Star
14) FLCL
15) Neon Genesis Evangelion
16) Tokyo Godfathers
17) Appleseed
18) Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
19) Black Lagoon
20) Gundam 00
21) Gundam Zeta
22) Gundam 08th MS Team
23) Texhnolyze
24) Wolf's Rain
25) Naruto (I prefer the first three arcs of season one, avoid all filler like the plague.)
26) One Piece (the gold standard as far as Shounen goes in my opinion. Unique art style, compelling characters, and a solid story)
27) Hellsing Ultimate (this is being released as ovas over a few years, not nearly as boring as the TV series to me)