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Manga so cheap...

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#1 Jura


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Posted 08 April 2011 - 06:00 PM

"Manga so cheap...you don't need to steal them anymore! This goes for graphic novels, too!"

A sign posted in the manga section of a Borders bookstore that is closing down. Odd how I missed this, as I am a regular reader of The Consumeriest. Manga is actually one of the more stolen items of bookstores. The product that brings younger costumers comes at a cost.

Lots of things that have a high price tend to be stolen or is it the other way around? Things that are stolen have a higher price tag?


Reader Syndicate Product spotted this sign at a Borders store in liquidation, noting that manga and graphic novels were only 30% off at the time...and then there's the 8% sales tax in this area. Not particularly cheap, then. The sadness and frustration still come through.

Source: http://consumerist.c...em-anymore.html

#2 Raven

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Posted 15 April 2011 - 10:30 AM

Things get stolen either way, it's just more prevalent when a piece of the industry is dominated by a particular product.

Take Photoshop or the Adobe Suite for example. There's nothing as good and everyone knows it, including Adobe. Students who are getting into design aren't making money to afford it, so they just get a copy off their friend. If there was an equal, "free" photoshop, that would get far more used and photoshop would just get less brought (either way they won't profit because they overcharge people who are not established corporations).

I have been talking to my classmates and I find a lot of them don't have a job (and are struggling to find one). This economy is definitely not a figment of our imagination, I'm sure that plays a big role in it as well.