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Community Guidelines

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Posted 26 November 2012 - 04:05 PM

Interaction and engagement with others is what this site is about. Explaining why, asking questions, giving details, and sharing your view adds a lot of rich discussion. Forum posting is to be more than a brief word, image, or meme. Threads without discussion such as "count to 100" are not allowed.

There is a spoiler BBcode tag for plot spoilers. [spoiler] [/spoiler]

"Bumping" or replying to older forum topics is acceptable.

Multiple forum replies in a row in a single thread will be automatically merged, topics better suited for a different forum will be moved, and cross-posting of duplicate topics will be merged.

Content and Behavior
Links, images, media, and assistance in obtaining or creating game emulators, pornography, pirated software, hentai, and pirated media is not allowed.

Flood spam, insults, shock images, claiming creation of creative works not your own, private message harassment, and duplicate account creation is not allowed.

Explicit unauthorized advertising of websites, products, and services is not allowed. Personal blogs, non-forum anime related sites, and social network profiles are excluded from this rule within reason. Signatures are a personal space, but they are not to be used for image adverts like clickable banner ads or large colored text to get clicks.

Complaints, criticism, and grievances related to this site are more than welcome. Keep such feedback peaceful and respectful.

Keep private information such as your address, phone number, and similar private or only share with individuals you trust. You can view additional privacy details on our privacy policy page.

Email and Notifications
We hate spam and unwanted email, too. You may opt out of receiving emails from the forum or adjust your notification setting as you wish under "My Settings." Subscriptions you chosen to receive from the blog however require clicking to unsubscribe in the received email.