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I think I see TheEND - Eureka Seven Ao

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Posted 04 July 2012 - 08:49 PM

So after watching episode 11 of this series, I see that my suspicions has been confirmed. They reveal several tidbits of information.

Pied Piper's computer confirms that there is a theory stating the Scubs and Secrets are from parallel worlds.

Ao (and possibly Elena) is different from the other humans on a genetic level. This may be due to being Eureka's son, but also possibly because he isn't from our Earth.

Only people who grew up breathing "trapar" can pilot IFO's. The fact that all pilots are children indicates that trapar wasn't present until quite recently. I am assuming within the past 13-20 years. Possibly right around the time Eureka showed up in our world.

Elena's identity is completely false on three levels. Her presence in the show has reignited my interest in this series.

Frankly, there's a new layer of depth and mystery that I feel is juxtaposed to the original series' overall childishness. Granted, as the series went on, Eureka Seven began confronting mature themes of war, violence and humanity's ignorance... so this may just be a continuation of that as well.

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